Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

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Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
Alabama and Mississippi

Condition of Improvement on 30 September 1994

Existing Project. The project provides for a 233.7-mile navigation channel from Demopolis,Ala.to the Tennessee River. The Waterway consists of three distinct sections: a 149.3 mile River Section (with a 9-by 300-foot Channel and 4 locks and dams) from Demopolis, Ala. to Amory, Miss.; a 45.6 mile Canal Section (with a 12-by 300-foot channel and 5 locks) from Amory to Bay Springs Lock and Dam; and a 38.8-mile Divide Cut Section (with a 12-by 280-foot channel) from Bay Springs Lock and Dam to the Tennessee River. Total lift of 341 feet is accomplished by 10 locks. The estimated federal cost for new work is $1,838,000,000 including $8,600,000 for works by U.S. Coast Guard, $9,400,000 for work by National Parks Service, plus $153,000,000 non-federal cost for relocations and bridge alterations. The project includes several recreation and visitor attractions including the Whitten Center in Fulton, MS, the Bevill Center in Pickensville, MS and the Snagboat Montgomery exhibit located adjacent to the Bevill Center.

Construction of the river and canal sections is under supervision of the Mobile District.

Construction of the divide section is under supervision of the Nashville District.

The existing project was authorized by the River & Harbor Act of 24 July 1946 (H. Doc. 486, 79th Cong., 2nd Sess).

Progress: Construction officially began 12 December 1972 and is essentially complete. The waterway was opened for navigation in January 1985.

Cost of Construction Within the Mobile District $1,047,771,503 Federal Cost (includes $1,993,000 transferred to National Park Service; $210,249 GI funds expended during FY 1957 thru FY 1961.) Previous project cost amounted to $197,651. Cost of construction on the Divide Section through 30 September 1994 as reported by the Nashville District is $749,113,000.