Mobile District considering Options for Fish Passage at Claiborne Dam

Mobile District considering Options for Fish Passage at Claiborne Dam 2016-03-02T03:43:50+00:00

Mobile District is evaluating options to build a fish passage around Claiborne Dam, River Mile 72 on the Alabama River. Following is the latest update on the project.

MONTHLY STATUS REPORTMay, 2001PROJECT NAME: Claiborne Dam Fish Passage SENIOR PLANNER: Michael Eubanks TELEPHONE(334) 694-3861PROJECT MANAGER: Steve Hrabovsky TELEPHONE(334) 690-2872


SPONSOR POINT OF CONTACT: Wendy Smith/ (615) 269-0942


CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: None identified at the present time

PROJECT AUTHORITY: Section 1135 of the Water Resources Development As of 1986, as amended.

STAGE: Environmental Restoration Report.

Design and construction of a fish passage structure. Currently Claiborne Dam seriously hinders the spawning activities of various migratory predator and forage fish species.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This effort will investigate the feasibility of passing fish upstream of Claiborne Dam. This would restore access for a number of species of fish to historical spawning grounds that were utilized prior to construction of the Dam.

STATUS: The study team participated in a field investigation of existing fish passage facilities in North Carolina and South Carolina in March 2001 and gained valuable information about the design, operation and maintenance of these facilities.

Fish sampling at Claiborne Lock & Dam was conducted on April 26, 2001 to test a fish lockage procedure similar to that being utilized by the Wilmington District at Cape Fear Lock & Dam #1. While the overall number of fish caught was less than anticipated (likely due to inundation of the spillway during much of March and early April), 16 species of fish were collected during this sampling effort.

Surveys of Government land adjacent to Claiborne Lock & Dam were received on May 9, 2001 from the contractor. EN-HH will use the survey information to develop some proposed routes for fish bypass channels. We are also reviewing construction plans for the lock and dam in order to investigate the potential for cutting a slot in the riverward lock wall. This would enhance the efficiency of the fish lockage alternative by attracting fish swimming along the face of the dam into the lock.

Ben Rizzo, a design engineer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service specializing in fish passage, will meet with us from May 22-24th to visit Claiborne Lock & Dam, review our proposed alternatives and make recommendations for us to pursue in the ERR effort.

WORK SCHEDULED NEXT MONTH: Continue Work on Feasibility Level Designs.