Alabama Power Company has issued a notice that below-average rainfall over the last few months is triggering the Alabama-ACT Drought Response Operating Plan (ADROP).  Beginning Monday, June 27, flow releases from the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers into the Alabama River will be reduced by 10% from 4,640 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 4200 cfs.

“Rainfall over the Alabama River basin has been below average for the last few months and in turn, the stream flows have been consistently low.  The Alabama Power storage reservoirs (Weiss, Henry, and Logan Martin) on the Coosa River system are approaching 1 ft below their summer pool elevations.  The Tallapoosa River storage reservoirs (Harris and Martin) have started pulling off of their curves as we pick up flows out of that system.  As a part our drought plan, ADROP (Alabama-ACT Drought Response Operating Plan), we evaluate a set of triggers twice a month to see if a drought response is required.  On the second evaluation for the month of June, the plan indicated a drought level 2 response.  This drought response corresponds to a 10% flow reduction into the Alabama River.  Beginning Monday, June 27th, in accordance with our plan, we will reduce the flows into the Alabama River from 4640 cfs to 4200 cfs.

 At this time, updates will be distributed after each ADROP run.  ADROP is updated on the first and the third Tuesday of each month.”