Facts about Weiss Dam

Weiss Dam was the first dam built as a part of an Alabama Power Company construction program that further developed the Coosa River in the late 1950s and the 1960s. The facility was named after F.C. Weiss, a former chief engineer of Alabama Power.

Weiss Dam is unique to Alabama Power's system because the spillway gates are about four miles from the powerhouse. Water is diverted through a one-mile man-made canal to the forebay of the powerhouse. When the plant is generating, water is passed through the man-made tailrace channel, back into the original riverbed.

Weiss Dam has a public fishing pier for the enjoyment of visitors. Weiss Lake, often refered to as the "Crappie Capital of the World," attracts fishermen from near and far.


  • Public Law 436 - 1954


  • Flood Control, power generation, navigation, supply


  • $39 million

Construction started:

  • July 13, 1958

In-service date:

  • June 5, 1961


  • Three rating 29,250 kilowatts each, 87.75 total


  • Type: Gravity concrete and earth fill
  • Length of concrete: 392 feet
  • Length of earth-dikes: 30,406 feet
  • Maximum height: 126 feet


  • Elevation above sea level: 564 feet
  • Area: 30,200 acres
  • Shoreline: 447 miles
  • Length: 52 miles
  • Maximum depth at dam: 62 feet
  • Area of watershed draining into reservoir: 5,273 square miles

Information courtesy of Alabama Power. Click here for more information.