Facts about Walter Bouldin Dam

Walter Bouldin Dam was the last dam built as part of an Alabama Power project that developed the Coosa River. Bouldin has the largest generating capacity of Alabama Power's 14 hydro facilities. It is unusual in design because it was built on a canal. Some refer to it as the "plant built in a cornfield". The dam is supplied by water from Jordan Lake which service both dams.


  • Public Law 436 - 1954


  • Navigation, power generation, supply, recreation


  • $118 million

Construction started:

  • August 20, 1963

In-service date:

  • July 27, 1967


  • Each generator rates 75,000 kilowatts.
  • Total generating capacity: 225,000 kilowatts


  • Type: Gravity concrete and earth-fill
  • Length of earth dikes: 10,950 feet
  • Length of concrete: 228 feet
  • Maximum height: 120 feet


  • Elevation above sea level: 252 feet
  • Area: 6,800 acres
  • Shoreline: 118 miles
  • Length (forbay only): 3 miles
  • Maximum depth at dam: 264 feet
  • Maximum depth at dam: 52 feet
  • Area of watershed draining into reservoir: 10,165 sq miles

Information courtesy of Alabama Power. Click here for more information.