Facts about Logan Martin Dam

Logan Martin Dam was the second dam built as a part of an Alabama Power Company construction program that further developed the Coosa River in the late 1950s and the 1960s. During the planning stages, the dam was known as Kelly Creek. During the first month of construction, the board of directors formally named it after William Logan Martin, Jr. He was a circuit court judge in Montgomery and also served as attorney general for the State of Alabama. In 1921, Martin was appointed as Alabama Power's general attorney. His older brother, Thomas, was one of the founders of the company.

Logan Martin area map here.


  • Public Law 436 - 1954


  • Power generation, supply, recreation (run of the river)


  • $48 million

Construction started:

  • July 18, 1960

In-service date:

  • August 10, 1964


  • Three rating 42,750 kilowatts each, 128 MW total


  • Type: Gravity concrete and earth fill
  • Length of concrete: 612 feet
  • Length of earth-dikes: 5,464 feet
  • Maximum height: 97 feet


  • Elevation above sea level: 465 feet
  • Area: 15,263 acres
  • Shoreline: 275 miles
  • Length: 48.5 miles
  • Maximum depth at dam: 69 feet
  • Area of watershed draining into reservoir: 7,700 square miles

Information courtesy of Alabama Power. Click here for more information.